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It's been real

I tried to keep you alive LJ, but I've moved on.


Farewell! I'll still be reading entries but I doubt I'll post here much anymore (not that I did anyway).

To neldabg

You messaged me but your settings don't let me respond. I hope you read this!

Hello, it's not a bother at all! Unfortunately all activities have moved from LJ to facebook so you'll have to have an account there and join this group to find out about events:

I'm in North Carolina again!

It's so nice to be here with cool weather and changing leaves! October is the best month!

I'm going down to Miami again in time for Halloween and I'm going to be scaring children in my haunted house. I decided to make one this year since I've been in Japan for the last 4 Halloweens and I really want to do something crazy. It seems like the numbers of trick-or-treaters is going down every year which is sad.

Nobody seems to use LJ anymore so I haven't posted either in a million years. I read my newsfeed and check EGL almost everyday still but it seems like a ghost town. I'm much more active on FB. Sometimes I post on tumblr and I'm still figuring out exactly what I want from Lacebook too.


You are so obsolete. I don't check it even once a day like I used to. I am on vacation in North Carolina so that might be why but still, it's kind of done.

So NC is really nice! I'm eating tons of tasty southern junk foods, enjoying mountains and nature everywhere, hanging out with my sister in law and just chilling. They have a dog and it makes me realize how much I miss having a pet in the house.

I'll be going back sometime during the beginning of August. Lolita-wise I can't buy anything new until I sell something else because I am superbly broke, but I'm hoping something nice comes out this fall! I have to get re-used to buying things retail since I was exclusively a Closet Child lolita for so long.

Pizza and Coat!

In December I went to a small meet in Harajuku to go eat pizza buffet at Shakey's Pizza <3 Little did I know that I would find a glorious JetJ coat and meet Fumiko from Chantilly and RinRin that day!

Photos~Collapse )

Lichtenstein Exhibit Outing

Thank you for bearing with me as I plod through these old posts. Someday I'll get them all done and have a nice journal for all my meets (until LJ suddenly loses funding and gets deleted).

In December we went to see an exhibit of famous works from this one collection from an eccentric rich guy in Lichtenstein! He really liked Baroque art and there was one room full of cool Baroque furniture and artifacts. No pics were allowed inside, unfortunately.

Photos down here~Collapse )
The circle/comm of Japanese lolitas I was in, dollygirls tea party, went to the Salon de Imada Minako in the Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku back at the end of November. Imada Minako is a famous patissier and etiquette mistress lol. This is the same place that Juliette et Justine later held their two tea parties (I didn't go to either, unfortunately).

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Goin cray

I have about a week left to go until I leave Japan D: I'm super busy so I'm trying to limit my computer time, but when I take breaks I passively read stuff but don't comment much. I'll miss you Japan!

Triple Fortune Tea Party

I had always wanted to go to a Triple Fortune tea party for the longest time and in November there was one so I knew I had to go! I'm glad I did because there hasn't been one since, only weird concert/fashion shows by the Triple Fortune designer.
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A day in Hiroo

Hiroo is a cute neighborhood of Tokyo. I spent a nice day there with Sapphira in November.

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