March 1st, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 7 + 8

7. Why I wear Lolita?
When I first saw pictures of lolita fashion (or gothloli as everyone used to call it) it was late 2001 and I still was burning with weeaboo passion. I really adored the spooky doll aesthetic at the time but I only admired it as one of the many cool Japanese fashions you hear about when you first start learning about Japan, but don't imagine you'll ever wear yourself.
I visited Japan for the first time in 2002, then studied abroad in 2003-04 and just creepily lurked lolita fashion, shops, and cute lolita girls in Harajuku, bought GLBs and creeped some more... then finally in 2005 I met a friend in Miami who wore it and that gave me courage to buy a dress for myself. It was so amazing to (in 2006) finally get my first brand items and really feel like after all my years of longing I finally realized my weeaboo dream.

So why did I stay with lolita? Because despite all the flak it receives, I've met so many awesome people through online lolita comms. I moved around a lot in the past 10 years but everywhere I go around the world has a great group of people who will willingly and instantly accept me into their in-group, which is something I don't think happens as much with other fashions or fandoms. We have these silly clothes and we need excuses to wear them so we don't even mind meeting up with strangers to do it. It's ridiculous but awesome.

8. Why don't I wear Lolita more often?
I don't find lolita to be very comfortable and I have lots of other clothes and styles I like (retro, dolly-kei, morigirl, cute mainstream j-fashion) so I only really wear lolita to meetups or to go shopping at lolita stores. Every time I go out shopping in Tokyo though I inevitably end up spending on stuff so I don't go to all the lolita meetups or else I would be totally broke.

This weekend should be a fun one! etsplanations is coming over to Tokyo to visit :D Saturday is a casual meetup in Ikebukuro and Sunday is the Princess Dream indie market! My wallet is already quivering in fear. Since I get burando overstimulation, I really like finding unique indie brand stuff, plus buying it makes me feel happy to support a tiny brand and I know the things at indie markets will never show up second hand so I feel even more pressure to buy them! gahh Most of the things for sale are accessories so sometimes it's good for stealing ideas inspiration for future craft projects.

Annnd I have a cool old school outfit in the works for Sunday! I got this really cheap MAM black dress and I'm going to nun it up woooo~

Abilletage Halloween Party

omg I'm still updating from October gahhh

There was a Halloween masquerade party run by the corset and accessories shop Abilletage. It was probably the party with the best dressed people I've ever seen! Some people wore lolita but most wore some kind of decadent romantic style gown with corsets. There are lots of pics so I'm not going to add a lot of commentary. The location is the Trump Room in Shibuya, a popular place for all the cool Tokyo kids to hang.
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