go_slow_ly (go_slow_ly) wrote,

Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 4 & 5

 4. Favorite thing to put on my head

Flowers! And hats! Both at the same time if possible. I don't like headbows very much because they start to annoy me and give me a headache after a while, plus I'm not much of a huge headbow person. I like hats but only full size ones since mini-hats are usually awkward. I've been wanting some vintage hats but that will have to wait until I get back to the US since vintage anything here is overpriced. I like to make my own flower corsages and floral headdresses when possible but that takes time and money for materials.

5. My wardrobe turnover

For my first 3-4 years of lolita I kept everything I bought and never sold anything, but then I moved to Japan and it was a lot easier to find things I liked better. I changed my style quite a bit so I finally got over my selling phobia and started getting rid of things that didn't suit me. I find that when I sell things I don't really miss them that much, so since then my wardrobe has been cycling through a lot quicker. I'm very picky about fit and I'm tired of lolita being too tight so I'm trying to sell things that aren't comfortable.

Plus, I may be going to visit Cambodia next month! My friend lives there so this is a great chance to go with someone who knows the country. It seems like we'll be leaving Japan for good in mid to late April. Too much to do!

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