go_slow_ly (go_slow_ly) wrote,

Poor sad Lolita 52 Challenge

I will revive you!

Anyway, last week I went on a trip to Cambodia with Izzy and Sarah. Overall I'm super pleased with the experience although there were some tense moments, mostly revolving around tummy issues and trying not to shit myself at Angkor Wat lol/cry

We got back to Japan on March 21 and then my in-laws arrived for a 3 week stay the next day so I haven't really had a chance to chill and absorb my vacation :P At least they're Izzy's parents and not mine so I can choose to bow out of the day's activities and spend the day alone occasionally.

On Sunday we had a Tokyo lolita meet to see a scary doll exhibit and hang out with liemzie, whom I really love but lives in Osaka now so I don't get to see much. I sooo love scary dolls but I really have no interest in owning a BJD. Maybe not creepy enough? After the dolls we took pics with the sakura in weeaboo bliss <3

The sakura are in full bloom now which is incredibly early since they usually don't even start blooming until April 1. Thanks global warming :/

Since the parents are here for so long, we're thinking we will extend our time in Japan to mid-May so we can have enough time alone to do all the last Tokyo touristy things we want to do (we were originally shooting for the end of April). I was searching for places in Tokyo to get afternoon tea and I kind of ruined my future wallet haha! This website was pretty good.

Tomorrow I'm going to a meetup with my Japanese lolita circle/group. I always feel so much more tense before meetups with Japanese girls since it's a bit out of my comfort zone, but it's also more exciting. I hope we dish the DDC dirt!

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