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Lichtenstein Exhibit Outing

Thank you for bearing with me as I plod through these old posts. Someday I'll get them all done and have a nice journal for all my meets (until LJ suddenly loses funding and gets deleted).

In December we went to see an exhibit of famous works from this one collection from an eccentric rich guy in Lichtenstein! He really liked Baroque art and there was one room full of cool Baroque furniture and artifacts. No pics were allowed inside, unfortunately.

Everyone dresses so cutely!

I was late that day. Bad morning!

Blouse: IW
All else offbrand

After the museum we went to Harajuku! I kind of hate Harajuku bridge but it is a good empty place for photos.

Fall leaves are so nice!

They made this gate at Harajuku all crazy.

And of course at Harajuku the first tasks to accomplish are visiting Closet Child and Usagiyouhinten.


We ended the evening with a snack at Christie Cafe, a famous old cafe in Harajuku where lolitas like to go. Why can't I find anything delicious and simple like this in Florida??

So many cuties!

That's all!

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