Lolita 52 Challenge: Week 3, Lifestyle

I'm probably what could be called an attention whore lolita; I only wear it to meet other lolitas or go lolita shopping. Lolita is just really weird and impractical so I feel strange wearing it for no good reason, just like wearing a party dress to go grocery shopping would be.

I don't purposely pick my hobbies because they are lolita, but they still intersect with ~lifestyle~ hobbies since I like those things to begin with.

I forgot to mention that I definitely am going home sometime in the spring, probably April or May. Izzy put in his word at work that he's quitting so now begins the slow road to getting all of this junk packed up and shipped back. Leaving Japan is always a nightmare. I have a feeling my lolita mojo is really going to drop off when I go back to America since I'll miss all the cheap burando and my lolifriends.

I also made a sales post. LJ is so annoying to use.

Lolita 52 Challenge: Movies

5 movies for Lolitas

(This is kind of silly, like what is a "lolita movie"? lol)

1. Kamikaze Girls - Of course this is on my list! It's actually pretty pertinent to a lot of my life here in Japan like the yanki and Jusco jokes.

2. Interview with a Vampire - I was 13 when this came out and snuck into the theater to see it! I've been hooked on Anne Rice's vampires ever since and though the movie gets cheesy over time, I still have a lot of love for the costumes, especially Claudia's. A lot of outfits look just like Millefleurs' gothic stuff <3

3. Marie Poupee (Marie, the Doll) - This is a freaky 70s movie I found through tumblr. This guy falls in love with a girl and marries her, and proceeds to treat her as his living doll, including washing her, dressing her and posing her. It's pretty bizarre and awesome.

4. Marie Antoinette - Can you believe I saw this for the first time this year? I'm a terrible lolita XD

5. If... - Okay this has nothing whatsoever to do with lolita, it's just an awesome movie and stars Malcolm McDowell at private school - you really need no other reason to watch it.

Other movies that lolitas would probably like~
Both Lolita films, for context and because they are good movies.
The Secret Garden
Bram Stoker's Dracula for campy vampire fun
Alice in Wonderland movies, especially the scary 1985 version
Quirky Japanese films like those from Studio Ghibli, Tampopo or Dreams for example

That's about all I can think of because I'm sick and can't think properly, but let me know your recommendations too!

Harajuku Frilly Wetness

Back in September I intended to participate in that month's Harajuku Fashion Walk, but it was raining all day and I wasn't too excited about getting rained on so I decided to join maetel9 for a "Harajuku Kawaii" event going on at different locations around Harajuku including LaForet.
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Happy New Year!

I totally avoided all New Years LPs and sales since I have no monies and a friend came over to visit so we've been doing non-loli stuff together. Christmas was sad, I just got some gifts and snacks from Izzy's parents while my own parents still haven't sent the box of stuff I requested a month ago (like deodorant!) :/

Totally stolen from octavekitten, but I'm going to try an participate in the Lolita 52 Challenge. Knowing me I'll last a few weeks XD

Week One: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

1. A dress
2. A petticoat
3. Space (for tons of dresses)
4. Comfortable shoes (of bring a change of shoes, I do that often when I go out on a lolita day shopping marathon)
5. Something you made by hand

Not everyone can make their own clothes because of the complexity involved and necessity of having a sewing machine, but everyone can make some kind of accessory and it adds a really unique touch to lolita outfits. Retro or loliable offbrand also has the same effect - I really like then people personalize their outfits instead of buying everything straight from the brand.

Rococo Weekend

In mid-September we had a Rococo Weekend event! The first day we went to a Marie Antoinette exhibit in Yokohama and the second day some people came over my house for tea and snacks and to watch Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst.
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Xin Yu's Farewell Party

I made a sweet friend over the summer but unfortunately she had to go home to Singapore in August ;_; This is her goodbye party.

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Unrelated but this weekend was very cool! I'm sure you've seen the pics on FB. I'm always a bit sad when I'm not at home for Halloween though. Wednesday is my last day of work yay!